10 secret first class student will never tell anyone about their Success – A must Read

1) First class student don’t read 24/7 : hmmm, the believe of many about candidate that bag first class honour sometime are not true.
You don’t have to read from morning to Night before you become a first class graduate.
most of the first class graduate have a fixed hour for reading, between 2 to 5 hours everyday.
So, if you want to become a first class student, don’t read for 24 hours……….

(2). First Class student Attend lecture : Yes, there is need to be in class always to achieve it and get it done.
Most of the student that graduated with first class can testify to my claim.
In the world of first class, you don’t play with lectures.
If you want to have first class start attending lectures.

(3) First class student always want to know everything : there is a similar mentality on the head of many first class student.
Most of them will ensure all the topics discuss in their various Classes is well understand to the best of their knowledge.
If there is any topic they don’t understand, they will always want to learn from others.
They don’t mind to be your friend because of 1 single topic.

4) Cramming is first class best friend : No brilliant student can survive without cramming.
Although it is always advised to read and understand but if you lack the power of cramming, my dear say goodbye to first class.
Some student are first class but the manner they converse and communicate with people looks odd.
I have seen a first class student that cannot pronounce english words correctly.
The more you know how to cram the higher your chances of bagging first class.
Cramming and understanding works perfectly together
To know the name of your lecturer involves cramming which lead to understanding.

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(5) First class student are Goal setters : there is always a vision for first class student.
Most of them will be aiming to Bag first class from their first year in school.
It will be too late to start aiming for first class in your 3rd year.
You must monitor your GP and ensure you keep pressing forward.

6) Be a teacher and first class is Certain : do you know that there is good reward when you teach others what you know.
It will make it very difficult for you to forget.
By teaching others you are building and increasing your knowledge and most of the first class student also have this attribute…

(7). First class student don’t ignore the power of note taking and special notes

There are many secret first class student will not want to tell you but if you study them closely you will realised where everything goes wrong.
First class student always tag some words, sentence or particular definition that comes from the lecturer which you may consider insignificant.

Pay attention to this and you will call myschoolnewz to celebrate with you on the day of your graduation after bagging first class honour.
First class student have boy friend and girl friend. : most of the first class student will tell you otherwise but the truth will always stand.
Thought the failure of some student today is as a result of their relationship and friend in school.

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Giving priority to your relationship ahead of you academic is insane.
You can have girl friend and boy friend but make sure your courtship is free from ……….. Thing that can affect your Academic.
Chase your book and not the female folks…
Don’t turn yourself to romeo and juliet while in school.

(9) First class student Are Gifted : make we talk the truth, we must acknowledge this fact.
To become first class is sometimes by gift.
We all know messi is the best footballer in the world with only 2 legs.
Other footballer also have two legs but are no where to match his standard.
We can be age mate but not grace mates.
Some brains are design to cram and also save information.
Don’t hurt yourself if you fail to graduate with first class degree honour.
You might be destined for something Greater.

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