2016/2017 FUGASHUA UTME Preparatory Admission Form

Latest Update: This is to inform the general public that the deadline for online application for UTME Preparatory Programme (UPP) has been extended to midnight on Monday, 24thOctober, 2016.
Applications are invited from suitable qualified candidates for the newly introduced UTME

Preparatory Programme (UPP) of the Federal University, Gashua (FUGASHUA) for the 2016/2017 academic session

The UTME Preparatory Programme would run for two terms;
First Term: UTME Coaching (23 weeks)
Second Term: Preparatory Programme (24 weeks)
The Programme is designed for candidates from catchment areas of the university.


Candidates aspiring to gain admission into the UPP must obtain at least five (5) credits (including English Language and Mathematics) at not more than two sittings in General Certificate of Education (GCE) O’Level, West African School Certificate or Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or National Examination Council (NECO) and/or NABTEB.
Subjects of the UTME Preparatory programme
Available subjects in the programme are:
1. Agriculture
2. History
3. Biology
4. Home Economics
5. Chemistry
6. Islamic Studies
7. Commerce
8. Literature in English
9. Economics
10. Mathematics
11. Use of English
12. Principles of Accounts
13. Geography
14. Physics
15. Government


First Term: UTME Coaching
Four UTME subjects including Use of English will be taught. There will be a comprehensive UTME coaching which will be followed by UTME mock examination before the final UTME examination. Students who fail to score the cut-off points in the final UTME examination will be asked to withdraw from the programme before the commencement of second term.
Second Term: Preparatory Programme
The preparatory programme is designed to expose successful students in the UTME examination to basic knowledge and skills they will require to pursue and tackle the challenges in their various degree programmes.
Five subjects including English, Mathematics and the other three registered UTME subjects will be taught. The assessment will be 40% continuous assessment and 60% examination. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of the five subjects will be computed.
Minimum Requirements for Admission into Federal University, Gashua
Admission into Federal University, Gashua, is automatic provided a student successfully completes the UTME Preparatory Programme as follows:
  1. Obtains the required UTME score and has also chosen Federal University Gashua as first choice in UTME application.
  2. Obtains a minimum of 2.0 CGPA from the 5 subjects taken in the second term. Successful UPP Students will be given more priority than Direct Entry candidates.
Subject Combinations
The subject combinations listed below provide varieties within the scope of the UTME from which students can select to satisfy the entry requirements of their chosen degree programmes.
All students register for four UTME subjects including Use of English
UPR 1: Literature in English
 and any two of Economics, Geography, Govemment,_History and Islamic Studies.
UPR 101
Literature in English, Economics, History
UPR 102
Literature in English, Geography, History
UPR 103
Literature in English, Geography, Islamic Studies
UPR 104
Literature in English, Government, History
UPR 105
Literature in English, Government, Islamic Studies
UPR 106
Literature in English, History, Islamic Studies
UPR 2: History and any two of Geography, Government, Islamic Studies, Commerce, Economics and Principles of Accounts.
UPR 201
History, Geography, Islamic Studies
UPR 202
History, Government, Islamic Studies
UPR 203
History, Commerce, Economics
UPR 204
History, Commerce, Geography
UPR 205
History, Commerce, Principles of Accounts
UPR 206
History, Economics, Geography
UPR 207
History, Economics, Principles of Accounts
UPR 3: Government and any two of commerce, Economics, Geography and Principles of Accounts
UPR 301
Government, Commerce, Economics
UPR 302
Government, Commerce, Geography
UPR 303
Government, Commerce, Principles of Accounts
UPR 304
Government, Economics, Geography
UPR 305
Government, Economics, Principles of Accounts
UPR 4: Economics, Mathematics with any of Geography, History, Literature in English, Commerce, Government and Principles of Accounts.
UPR 401
Economics, Mathematics, Commerce
UPR 402
Economics, Mathematics, Geography
UPR 403
Economics, Mathematics, Government
UPR 404
Economics, Mathematics, History
UPR 405
Economics, Mathematics, Literature in English
UPR 406
Economics, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts
UPR 5: Geography, Economics with any of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
UPR 501
Geography, Economics, Biology
UPR 502
Geography, Economics, Chemistry
UPR 503
Geography, Economics, Mathematics
UPR 504
Geography, Economics, Physics
UPS 1: Any three of the following Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
UPS 101
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
UPS 102
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
UPS 103
Biology, Mathematics, Physics
UPS 104
Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
UPS 105
Biology, Chemistry, Economics
UPS 2: Mathematics, Physics with any of Agriculture, Economics and Geography
UPS 201
Mathematics, Physics, Agriculture
UPS 202
Mathematics, Physics, Economics
UPS 203
Mathematics, Physics, Geography
UPS 3: Chemistry, Agriculture with any of Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Physics
UPS 301
Chemistry, Agriculture, Economics
UPS 302
Chemistry, Agriculture, Geography
UPS 303
Chemistry, Agriculture, Mathematics
UPS 304
Chemistry, Agriculture, Physics
UPS 4: Geography, Biology with any of Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
UPS 401
Geography, Biology, Agriculture
UPS 402
Geography, Biology, Economics
UPS 403
Geography, Biology, Chemistry
UPS 404
Geography, Biology, Mathematics
UPS 405
Geography, Biology, Physics
UPS 5: Geography, Chemistry with any of Agriculture, Economics, Mathematics and Physics
UPS 501
Geography, Chemistry, Agriculture
UPS 502
Geography, Chemistry, Economics
UPS 503
Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics
UPS 504
Geography, Chemistry, Physics
UPS 6: Geography, Physics and any of Agriculture, Economics and Mathematics
UPS 601
Geography, Physics, Agriculture
UPS 602
Geography, Physics, Economics
UPS 603
Geography, Physics, Mathematics


All Registrations MUST be done at the beginning of every academic session. Academic registration for the programme shall cease two weeks after the commencement of the session. A late registration fee of N5000.00 shall be charged after the expiration of official registration date within a period of one week. Students are required to register with the Programme Coordinator for all subjects to be taken.
  • All students MUST sit for the examinations in their respective subjects.
  • Exemption from the above shall be on medical ground and shall be granted by Senate on recommendation of SPS Academic Board after a medical certificate is duly authenticated by the Director of the University Health Services. For reasons other than medical, students’ application must be endorsed by the teaching staff, certified by the Remedial Coordinator and finally recommended to the Senate by the SPS Academic Board.
Otherwise a student shall be deemed to have voluntarily absented himself from the examinations. Such a student shall score an “F” in those examinations as recommended by the Academic Board to the Senate. Only those cases duly recommended by the SPS Academic Board and approved by Senate shall be considered for makeup examinations.

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