AAU Ekpoma to Commence ‘No School Fees, No Lectures’ Policy July 16

Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, has magnanimously and ​graciously granted a Period of Grace​ on the Senate policy of No School fees, No lectures.

The University Management having considered appeals from the Students Union and Other well-meaning stakeholders has magnanimously and ​Graciously Granted a Period of Grace​ on the Senate policy of No School fees, No lectures for a period of ​Two Weeks​ . The Policy will now take effect from​ ​Monday July 16th, 2018.​ All students and their sponsors are enjoined to seize the opportunity of the Period of Grace to pay their fees as no debtor students will be allowed into the lecture halls and seminar rooms as from ​Monday July 16th, 2018.​

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