How To Create A Unique Blog Name And Post

How To Create A Unique Blog Name And Post, blog name examples, blog name generator, poetry blog name ideas blog names list, creative blog names list, word generator for blog name, what should i name my blog quiz, tumblr blog name generator How To Create A Unique Blog Name And Post first of all before creating a blog make sure you consider the the hosting plan that you can use to host your wordpress blog or you can freely host it on blogger Many always wants to run a blog, but they don’t know the basis of how to start. Before creating a blog you must know the platform of which you want to run under, we have different platform like the; WordPress, Wapka, Mblog, Blogspot etc. The two popular platform used are the WordPress and the Blogspot platform. Recommended: How A SSCE Student Started Making Money Online With Blogging

WordPress platform

1) WordPress platform: This platform was created by the “Word Press” company. Read on: Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria and United States USA This platform is actually expensive to run, so it requires financially bouyant people, it is in many ways distinct from the Blogspot platform. Before you run a blog under word press platform , you will need to purchase for a domain and hosting.
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N/B: (Domain and hosting usually expire so you will renew maybe yearly, weekly, monthly as the case maybe, depending on the host)

Blogspot platform

2)Blogspot platform:This platform is sorely owned and managed by biggest search engine company in the world “Google”. In this platform you are given free host and free domain(, but you can purchase custom domain names like (.com,, .ng, from different blogger host (like; whogohost, bluehost, GoDaddy, tfhost) In these post I will be explaining how to create a free and unique blog using the Blogspot platform, then in my next post I will explain it using the wordpress platform.

How to Use Blogspot Platform To Create A Unique Blog

Step 1: You must have a mail with google (i.e; Gmail account ), if you don’t have a Gmail account ( click on ) to create a Gmail account. Remember, Blogspot platform is sorely own by Google , so anything you do must be under Google environs( like their mails, and search engine) Step 2: Then you use your Google chrome or any other high quality browser (Firefox, Safari), but not opera mini Then click on, then click on create new blog , choose a distinct name for your Blog, you will be given a custom template by Google to choose from which can be changed later( N/B: As you open a new blog you will be given a free domain by Google (e.g; till you purchase a custom domain. In my next post I will teach you how to create post and how to create a blog with word press platform. plat checking this blog for my next post Thanks]]>

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