Two Easy Steps to Create a Professional Blog and Start Generating an Income With It

Two Easy Steps to Create a Professional Blog and Start Generating an Income With It,how to start a blog and make money, how to start a blog for free, how to make money with a blog for beginners, how to start a blog wordpress, how to make money blogging, types of blogs that make money wordpress blog, how to create a blog on blogger Welcome to a different topic within the coaching series on the way to produce a  digital blog(blog) and make money from it in African country just simply with your phone , laptop computer or PC. RecommendHow A SSCE Student Started Making Money Online With Blogging There are many ways you’ll be able to build cash on-line, however one among the ways that is from blogging. So, if you may prefer to build cash on-line, you will have to be compelled to become a blogger (have your own blog). Also Get To Know Beginners Guild For Blogger & 17 Tips Before You Start Your Blog Bloggers build cash from numerous channels like Google AdSense, affiliate selling, advertising, info selling, email selling, direct product sales and more…

Two Easy Steps to Create a Professional Blog and Start Generating an Income With It

I know you may prefer to build further financial gain this year. That’s why I bring this lesson to you. The lesson contains step-by-guide on the way to produce a blog with illustrations. The way to produce a blog in  Your Phone, iPad, laptop computer or PC What you may Learn during this coaching In this coaching, i’ll school you the in small stages orientate however you’ll be able to produce a blog in African country. This info is additionally applicable if you’re not in African country. I just simply use  the word African country to emphasise my audience. I will teach you the way to form a blog, the 2 (2) fashionable blogging platforms – WordPress and Blogger. After this lesson you may be ready to produce your own blog. once making your blog, you may be ready to publish and see it on the planet wide net. Everything here is straightforward and you’ll be able to even produce a blog along with your phone once this coaching. Let’s begin !!!!
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How to produce a blog in African country

Things you can have to be compelled to produce a blog  are (1) a tool that connects to the internet: it’s going to be any of the subsequent (a) Phone, (b) iPad, (c) laptop computer with a electronic equipment or local area network and (d) PC with a electronic equipment or local area network (2) Blogging software system of Platform; during this coaching, a blogging software system is that the same as a blogging platform. Like I earlier mentioned, there are 2 fashionable blogging software system or platforms. Of course, there are  several different ones. But, i’m about to teach you the way to use the 2 fashionable ones. There are; (a) Blogger and (b) WordPress With the blogging tools mentioned on top of, you’re currently smart to launch your initial blog  and begin creating cash from it. Let begin with Blogger … If you wish knowledgeable blog, you may would like a touch investment. Let’s see what such investment could be: You will have to be compelled to purchase a custom name. i like to recommend you get a free name after you purchase hosting account from Bluehost. they provide skilled WordPress Hosting services.

Two Easy Steps to Create a Professional Blog and Start Generating an Income With It

Then purchase knowledgeable premium theme from this may build your blog to possess a feel of individuation. You can additionally use free WordPress theme to begin if you don’t have cash to shop for premium theme. Then you are doing the minor customization and SEO. See orientate the way to grow your blog. That’s all you wish to begin business on your skilled and knowledgeable blog. It will seem like this blog you’re reading currently. If you have signed up with those platforms before…. then.. Congratulations! You currently have a blog, but if you haven’t, continue reading
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How to produce a blog with Blogger

Blogger could be a blogging software system in hand by the large G – Google. I truly started blogging on blogger. So, i like to recommend that you simply begin here.

Here could be a step-by step orientate the way to produce a blog with  blogger.

First, produce associate account with Google here (if you don’t have Google account already) Note that one username and watchword from Google account can gets you into everything that’s own by Google. You will use that single Google account to possess access to all or any Google merchandise like Blogger, GMail, Google Doc, Google Earth, AdSense, YouTube, FeedBurner, Google Drive and plenty of more… If you have already got a GMail account, this may be helpful currently. you’ll be able to use it to form a blog on Blogger. If you don’t have the Google account already, merely signup in Google account and you’re able to begin. Now that you simply have Google account, visit Confirm your profile and click on still Blogger After confirming your profile, you may be taken to wherever you may proceed to the ultimate five steps to form your blog on blogger. type in your blog Name Type in your blog web site address (URL), note that there will be an extension( Confirm that your web site address is out there Choose the theme Click produce blog You are done! you’ve got end making your new blog on blogger So, you will have to be compelled to get a free name after you have gotten your hosting from either blogger or wordpress Let’s continue on the the way to produce a free  blog with WordPress.

How to produce a blog FREE with WordPress

With WordPress, you’ll be able to additionally produce a free blog.

There are 3 blogging platforms in WordPress. Free domain (with custom domain alternative), hosted on WordPress. – FREE
READ:  How A SSCE Student Started Making Money Online With Blogging absolutely optimized self-Hosted WordPress steam-powered web site or blog. – NOT FREE WordPress VIP: Enterprise Hosting steam-powered WordPress Sites. – NOT FREE For absolute beginners, I sometimes advise that you simply ought to attempt your hands on the free choice in order that you’ll be able to use that to be told the fundamentals before paying. But if you wish to induce one thing outstanding promptly, i’ll recommendation you to selected your self-hosted WordPress blog. So, let’s see the way to produce a blog FREE victimization Follow the in small stages guide below; (1) Visit: (2) Click on produce a blog (3) Fill in your blog name and check if it’s out there (4) Click produce Your website and Continue (5) Fill in your info required and click on produce a blog You are done! Please note that your blog name are going to be one thing like – Of course, you’ll be able to modification this to however still hosting free on Note: There are limitations to free hosting. You will not be ready to have absolute management over everything on your website. Of course, with wordpress free hosting, you may not be ready to participate in AdSense programme.

How to Create A Self hosting WordPress site:

First of all you have to consider using a hosting service first, and this you do by buying one, and I preferably suggest that you use BLUEHOST. Also read on Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria and United States USA blue host offers it’s plan for a start $2.95/month that’s $36 per year. After you have purchased the plan you will be given a free domain, a free SsL certificate as well, this site to make your website load over https. After successful purchase you will then have to Install WordPress, it’s very easy as its just a One click something, you will be asked to fill in the username/email and the password as that will be the gate way for the admin(you) to enter the Dash board of your site. And that’s it, the same step in the free WordPress is what you do here, but you have to make sure that you install plugins and customize your  site with beautiful and attractive themes. So that’s it for how to create a blog in Nigeria, come back next time and we will bring you yet another news.]]>

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