UN FAO King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award 2021

Apply for the UN FAO King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award 2021. The 6th GSP Plenary Assembly endorsed the establishment of the annual King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award (WSDA), as a recognition tool for individuals and/or institutions that have made an effort to organize successful celebrations.

UN FAO King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award 2021 (Win $15,000)


September 10, 2021

The objective of the WSDA is to encourage organizers of WSD events at all levels to facilitate challenging and outstanding celebrations around the globe.

The Award is sponsored by the Kingdom of Thailand, the champion country in the establishment of the now-famous World Soil Day. The UN General Assembly decided in December 2013 to officially designate 5 December as World Soil Day to acknowledge the lifelong work and commitment of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand who has significantly contributed to improving the quality of lives of millions through sustainable soil management.


  • The award consists of a medal, a $15,000 cheque, as well as a trip to Thailand (if feasible) to receive the prize.


  • The Award may be granted to individuals, institutions, NGOs, academia, colleges and universities, private companies or any other entities;
  • A wide range of WSD events can be considered for the award. The event has to follow the WSD theme of the year and has to take place between December 1-15.
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If you organized an outstanding World Soil Day event for the campaign 2020 ‘Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity’, don’t miss the chance to compete.

  • After the completion of the event, the organizers should submit the WSD report (Download the call for application 2021) to the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) Secretariat via GSP-Secretariat@fao.org in any of the official UN languages;
  • Along with the report, WSD organizers are invited to complete their application by sending to the Secretariat:
    • high quality photographs (preferably accompanied by captions);
    • videos (showing the work-in progress and the results);
    • communication material or any related publications,
    • digital coverage (website/web stories/blog/ social media); and
    • demonstrated wide appeal in the media (i.e. media coverage and press release);
  • Pictures taken throughout the event must be shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) with the hashtags #WorldSoilDay and #Global

For more information, visit World Soil Day Award.

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