Friday 11th March 11/03/2016 JAMB CBT 2016 Questions & Answers For Day 12

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*the crossing of the jordan
*dead in christ
*promise of the restoration of all jeremiah’s family
*bush*works of the spirit
*sat upon the stone
*they were terrified
*overcome such wrong with good
*pure heart
*he had never eaten anyting unclean
*the humble
*doing good to does who hate them
*mount carmel
*strike the rock
*those in authority
*thirty years
*dead in Christ
*find peace with all men
*they were terrified
*the law was binding on him also
*also forgive
*he was asked to name all the animal
*thirty years
*those in authority
*cast into the fiery furnace
*dead in christ
*hebrew midwives
*joy over a sinner who reprents
*find him
*he sent him back to pilate
*both their parents were honourable people
*the blind man
2-make profits but not necessarily efficient
3-different historical background
5-stronger than that of the centre
6-serve the need of local areas
8-south africa constitution
10-derivation,equality and even development
12-absolute majority system
13-clifford consitution
14-succession is hereditary
15-indefinite adjournment
16-warrant chiefs
17-unconstitutional means
18-absolute monarchy
20-struggle against apartheid
22-equality before law
25-poor state her economy
26-WASU of a state to exercise control over its territory
28-south africa
29-the post of chairman,joint chiefs of staff was created
30-quickly accommodates new ideas
31-removal of racials discrimination in the civil service
32-south africa
34-enhace even development in the country
35-priority is given to the needs of the people
36-organization of petroleum exporting countries
37-auxiliary class
39-life akinola aguda
41-conceived by the military
42-parliamentary system
43-limited choice
46-board of governors
47-the constitution is necessarily supreme
49-third-tier of government
50-cassablanca,brazzaville and monrovia group
-eliminate trade restrictions
-utility is measured term
-government savings
-improve the level of production
-discourage the rural-urban migration
-the price of the commodity
-Saving gas

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-average utility
-an increase in supply
-marginal productivity is falling
-raising aggregate demand
-cut-throat competition
-less than estimated expenditure for a given financial year
-poverty reduction
-perfectly elastic
-joint supply
-subsistence farming
-lowering the price
-maximum price to factors of production
-employment opportunities in oil sector
-protect the local petroleum industry
-the MPC will rise
-to ensure equitable distribution of nations wealth
-bureaucratic bottleneck
-rise in the inflationary rate
-cosumer income
-a perfect market
-opportunity cost
-inversely with the price
-discourages investment
-all forms of manufaturing
-a commercial bank
-producing and distributing petroleum products
-nostre general well being of consumers

* 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
* 1/5 (in a right angled..)
* 3/5 (a bag contains…)
* 120 (t varies jointly…)
* x<6
* 37degree
* 36 (d distribution of scores..)
* {2,10,14,22,26}
* 4y+3x-18=0
* 3.75
* 7 (if y = x2-3x..)
* 2.8×10-3
* [14 8]
[7 7]
* 720 mins* 2/3 (simplify…)
* 2/5 (the table above..)
* 1 (find d value of k if y-1..)
* 2y-3x)(y-6x)
* 4 (find d mode of d distri…)
* 53degree
* 13/9
* k+w/t^2
* 7!
* XnYnZ^1
* 16 (if d end points of one side..)
* 1/4 (w varies inversely as t..)
* 4 (determine the max value..)
* -12 cos (-4x)
* 2.5m
* 5 (find d median)
* 6 (if |-x +12|..)
* 1.6532
* -4, 1
* 10_/3cm
* 80degree
* 1000base 3
* (1 3)
(0 1)
* 20 (solv for the value of x, if..)
* 2 (the mean of 2-t,4+t..)
* -1/2cos 2x+k
* 20 (x is inversely..)
* 2x+1/2x^-1/2
* 8
* _/2+1
* a semicircle
* -2 (find the value of…)
* x<4

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*speech can only be used for special purposes
*subject to intellectual capability
*a good writer strikes a balance between speech and written sentence
*equality obliterates differences and variations….
*protection from all human rights abuses
*all men possess the right to equal political affiliations
*ensures socio-political and legal equality for every citizen
*the members were engaged in charity works
*he felt ashamed for leaving his brother behind
*was a friendly and likeable person
*Efua was so attractive and boys always became eager to talk to her
*a doctor
*he listened to the distant sound of the buses
*miss novi’s act of kindness to the boy who fainted
*she was a maid
*definitely changed Jimi’s life
* childish
* falsified his father’s signature and stole a lot of money
*mr solade*Ali has gone and will not come back
*desire to lift the reputation of his school
*he is always willing to play wit her
*she was surprised when she saw Bola
*we knew from Ada’s facial expression that she was the offender
*you trusted her with your money but ought not to
*he loves a calm setting
*the guard was definitely negligent
*all my friend did was to drink fanta at the party
*he was received into the law profession
*aversion to
*an objective
*icy cold water
*running time
*must have
*quite so big as
*badly dented political image
*has he
*had not had
*genuinely sorry for the
*didn’t he
*how many times does the poor lady eat
*does his son live in Kwali now?
*did Amina serve a delicious dinner yesterday?

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