How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You in 60 Seconds

here is How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You in 60 Seconds jus one minuite. While I don’t recommend you put yourself in that position, as it will destroy the intimacy you could create with her and throw the relationship out of balance, it’s good to have some of these techniques in your toolbox, should you ever need them… in case the relationship is starting to tip in her favor and you need to put some weight on the other scale pan. How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You in 60 Seconds

Make her feel out of control.

This is the simple summation of everything you can do to gain power in the relationship. As a reminder, the One-Down is the one who feels like he has less control in the situation, and so this is the crux of making someone fall more in love. If you chase after her like a puppy, she will fall out of love… no way around it! On the other hand, if you can get her chasing more, her feelings will grow stronger. No way around that either. Read also: 7 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You Chatting

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