JAMB CBT Marking Scheme 2020 Average Score, How to Calculate Negative Marking

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Jamb utme

This info is for prospective 2020 Jamb Candidates who are about to write this 2020 jamb which comes up in next few weeks time that Jamb Marking Scheme for the ongoing 2020 UTME Is stated below.
To help those who don’t know what marking scheme means, it may be defined as an educational terminology used to describe a plan or guidelines used in the marking of school children’s or students’ written work (exam or test) by teaching staff (or exam body).

jambadmission.com.ng have made contacts with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board to figure out JAMB marking scheme for 2020 Computer Based Test whose results are currently being released on a daily basis. While we are not
categorically sure of any hidden secrets behind the marking system, we believe that the information contained below will show candidates how their papers are marked.

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First, recall that JAMB gives an aggregate of two hundred and fifty questions to each candidate. Out of these 250 answerable questions are 100 from Use of English Language and average of 50 each from three (3) other subjects chosen by the

JAMB UTME Subjects Combination

JAMB UTME Examination subject comprises of the following which are listed below:
1: Use of English – Which is mandatory for all candidates.
2: Any three relevant subject – which fully depends on the choice made by the candidates.
You should be aware, that the Use of English is made up of 100 questions.
While the other three subjects, according to Candidates course, is made up of fifty (50) questions each.
Also take note that the JAMB examination is made up of 300 questions.

JAMB Allocated Time

The time frame which is given by JAMB to candidates to answer all the 250 question is: 3 Hours 30 Minutes. Marks Allotted for Each Subject
You should note that each subject in Jamb examination carries 100 marks, which makes the examination, a total 400 marks for the four (4) subjects (That is, if you answer all the questions correctly)
The total (highest) score a candidate can obtain in JAMB is 400 – of which no one has been able to get this mark as history would have it. So whatever score a candidate have is graded over 400.

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Jamb Negative Marking

There has been lots of speculation about this issue. Some people are with the notion, while others oppose the notion of JAMB using negative marking scheme.


What is Negative Marking

In negative marking, if you fail or wrongly answered a question, it will automatically cancel one right answer.
However, we want to make it extra clear here today on this websites, that JAMB does not support Negative Marking. In Jamb, you’re graded with the exact mark you answered correctly.
Since all questions carry equal marks the
mathematics involved in calculation of each
candidates’ score can be as thus. Let’s say you obtain 180 correct answers out of 250 questions given. This would give you (180/250 * 400%) = (0.72 * 400%) = 288. This calculation is generalized for aggregate/total score but similar step is followed to know scores subject-by-subjects.

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