Kaduna State Ministry of Education Orders Closure of Schools

Kaduna State Ministry of Education has announced the closure of schools in the state due to the rising cases of COVID-19 infections.

Kaduna State Ministry of Education Orders closure of school

The Kaduna State Ministry of Education wishes to inform the general public, parents, guardians and students of the new date of schools’ closure due to the rising cases of COVID-19 infections in the state which show a replicate of figures recorded in the first wave of the pandemic in April, May and June 2020, indicating that a new wave of the infection is rapidly spreading across the state.

The State’s Ministry of Health has further confirmed that, while the infections cut across age groups, this new wave especially, affects those between 10 and 35 years (which form a majority of the populace in the education sector).

Thus, in its effort to contain the spread of the pandemic and save the lives of people in the state, the Kaduna State Government is directing all public and private schools to conclude all necessary arrangements and close on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 as opposed to the initial closings. Therefore, all examinations must be concluded on or before Tuesday, 15 December 2020, in all institutions of learning across the state.

Physical classes in the Universities and other Institutions of Higher Learning will not be held during the period of closure. Institutions can make other arrangements for teaching and learning and other activities in line with their continuity and contingency plans. To minimize the impact on teaching and learning, all schools will continue to plan lessons and where possible, provide online resources for students or online lessons where schools are equipped to do so.

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However, learners in the basic, post-basic and secondary school levels can continue learning while at home from the Kaduna State TV and Radio e-Learning Programmes. While the State Government continues exerting efforts to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the general public is urged to continuously comply with all COVID-19 Protocols to avoid the Likelihood of the worst-case scenarios of the disease in the State.

All residents of the State are, therefore, encouraged to adopt the spirit of the FORWARD Campaign, which encourages everyone to adhere to the Guidelines provided by authorities in the healthcare sector, which include:

  • Wearing of face masks always;
  • Observing physical distancing;
  • Respiratory hygiene;
  • Washing hands with soap under running water and or using hand sanitizers;
  • Avoiding large gatherings;
  • Remaining indoors when there is no need to be outdoors, and;
  • Dieting: Eating balanced meals to boost immunity.

A new resumption date will be announced later, please.

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