List of Cheap Best Universities in Philippines for International Students

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List of Cheap Best Universities in Philippines for International Students


For Nigerians and other African countries you can now study in great Universities in Phillippines that are internationallly recognised, so you do not need to kill yourself over jamb, SAT, ACT and other Examination/Test while your mates who got this information earlier are now studying in this great universities.
Lots of countries in the world will invite you to study abroad which will be quit expensive and in most cases you’ve ignored, but have you ever considered the Philippines? Do you know atleast 1 out of 10 doctors in the US studied in the Philippines? Do you know south Koreas Admits not less than a thousand students every month to study in Philippines? Aside from the international standard of teaching, the tuition fees in the Philippines is one of the cheapest you can find around the world. Most students in Philippines pays less than$500 (N150,000) per session, which means with $2000 (N600,000) you can complete a 4 years degree course. The amazing part of this is you don’t need to hustle for admission all you need is your secondary school statement of result(WAEC). With your WAEC result or neco resultyou can gain admission to any university and course of your choice…

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Requirements for Admission into Universitis in Philippines

Below are some key steps you need to follow to become a student of Philippines

  1. you need to submit the necessary document(waec result,photocopy of passport Bio page etc) to any school of your choice in the Philippines and pay the necessary charges for the school to process and send you an invitation letter.
  2. You will wait for about 5 working days to receive your invitation letter from the school through DHL.
  3. After you’ve received the invitation,you will prepare other documents for authentication and go get your visa at the Philippines embassy in your country.
  4. buy your fight ticket and its done. You will be guided on other processes on your arrival to the Philippines. NOTE :: no payment of tuition fees to any one until your arrival to the Philippines. Admission is sure,visa is sure

So all am here to do is guild you and give you information about the univerites here. And there tuition fees.. for help about studying in Philippines do not hesitate to contact Chinonso Ibeh +2347061837436 Email: WhatsApp: +2347061837436

List of Cheap Best Universities in Philippines for International Students

1. The University of the Philippines Diliman (UP)

Established in 1908, the University of the Philippines Diliman was created to give higher education to any national or international students regardless of their background. When first established, the UP was located in Manila, but because of World War II and the damage that it caused, they had to relocate the university to Dilman. This is the reason why that it has a word Dilman attached at the end of its name.

2. Ateneo De Manila University

Established for more than 150 years, the Ateneo University was inspired by the word Athens in the Roman empire. Growing into a fully-accredited school, the Ateneo University boasts of their graduate programs in the arts, sciences, law, management, education, medicine, and government.
Rooted in the principles of the Jesuits, Ateneo University is affiliated with the Catholic religion, and they are using religious principles to teach their students to develop good character. Their programs are not only nationally accredited, but they are also internationally accredited.

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3. De La Salle University (MLS)

Established to teach Catholic principles, De La Salle University is located in the capital of the Philippines. Seeking to provide a brighter future to their students, the MLS offers quality education to their incoming students, and it offers many opportunities since it is located in Manila. Affiliated with a Catholic organization, the MLS strives to better its education by combining the religious principles with their quality education.
Because of their teaching methods, the MLS transforms lives not only physically but also in a spiritual sense. Since it was located in the outer edge of Manila, the MLS had some privileges that other colleges located in the heart of Manila did not have. For example, the MLS continued to open while the Japanese occupied Manila, and all the other schools located in the center of Manila was forced to shut down for Japanese occupation.

4. The University of Santo Tomas (UST)

Also known as the Catholic University of the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas holds the title for being the oldest existing university in the continent of Asia. Founded under the man called St. Thomas Aquinas, the University of Santo Tomas is committed to the cause of the Catholic faith, and they have been faithfully carrying out their principles throughout the years.
Because of their service to the city and to the Catholic faith, the popes have officially named the University of Santo Tomas as the Pontifical University. Their graduates have contributed to society by being elected the president of the Philippines or other influential positions.

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5. Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)

Being the largest state university in the Phillippines, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is known as being the first polytechnic university established in the country of Philippines. Also ranking in some of the international competition, the PUP is known for their high-quality education and their renowned professors.
First established as a business school for the Filipinos, the PUP continued to transform into a college, and they continued to prosper and grow to this present day. Always transforming to fit the needs of their students, the PUP is one of the top universities in the Philippines, and they offer low tuition even to international students

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