NECO Common Entrance Exam 2018/2019 Result is Out – NCEE Result Checker

National Examination Council, NECO released National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) results. NCEE result checking portal, how to check the 2018/2019 Neco National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) resultNeco


The National Examination Council (NECO) Minna, directed parents of candidates that sat for the 2018 National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) to check the results in any Unity College. The entrance examination was conducted for admission into the JSS 1 of the 104 unity schools across the country. Parents could also check the results of their children and wards at the state ministries of education as well as NECO offices nationwide. NECO common entrance results are accessible online by following the procedures outlined below.


1. Go to NECO NCEE result checking portal at, 2. On the Check Qualification Status menu, Enter Your Registration Number. 3. Click Check Status to see your NECO common entrance result.

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  1. Pls assist me on my daughter’s result, anytime i check its saying no qualification details.
    Reg no: 159973DH
    Serial no:0226
    Centre no:20094
    Pls contact me on 08029324960

  2. Good Morning,pls I checked for my daughter’s common entrance examination result and its showing no qualification details.Pls kindly do assist with the result and if she was admitted to any school.Her registration number is 148829AE and center number is 20040.The result can be forwarded to

  3. Good day, pls I just checked my son’s common entrance examination result and it’s showing no qualification details. pls assist me find his result and also if he was admitted to any school, his registration number is 135647HB. Pls forward reply to Thanks

  4. Pls help me post my son result to my email it break heart when u can not even see any score this is number 131165DE same boy that come back home and answer all the questions in the q sheet even if he get 50 post it to me let me know his level pls email

  5. I av been stressing myself trying to my check my daughter’s but was told no qualification record found. pls what can I do? pls help me: Her REG. NO. is 145155GF and my nun is 09094433757

  6. Am having the same issue of no qualification. My son’s Registration number is 18A-033965, can any person be of help here, My mobile phone number is 08033854162

  7. kindly forward the steps to me or website on how to check NCEE online. Please the formal website is not working.

  8. Pls help me check my daughter’s result, I have tried severally but to no avail. Reg no: 175460DJ

  9. Pls Help to check my son’s Common Entrance Exam Result. His Reg. No. is 124485JC. I’ve been trying to check it online but all to no avail. Thanks


  11. I have check my son result it is saying no qualification record for this result, registration number 155753IH.and is the result out batch by batch.

  12. please it is not enough to say no qualification found anywhere for the ward, the question is has he/she failed or disqualified, what ever the reason for you not finding any qualification should be started. The parents wants and need to know.

  13. Please check my daughter’s FGC exams result. Registration number :161308AJ. Serial number :0210. Centre number :27001

  14. When I checked my Son’s result in ministry of education Abuja his name was shortlisted but when I went to the school he was posted his name wasn’t there. What could be the cause?

  15. please my daughter result shows no qualification details found. her reg number is 158092fe please I want to know the meaning and her score thanks

  16. Please my daughter’s result shows no qualification details. Her reg number is 101471HA. Please I need to know the meaning and the score of the exam. Thanks

  17. Why is it not possible to check the result online. I have been trying to check it online but keep saying no qualification detail. Pls help me check 112886GG Reg No.

  18. Please kindly assist in checking my daughter’s result. I checked bit giving me no qualification details. Her details are- Registration number- 135083BH, serial number- 0227, center number- 27007. Thanks for your assistance.

  19. I have searched for my son’s result but to no avail. I always meet a brick wall in the form of this message ” no qualification details. ” This is very disturbing. Pls, I crave your assistance. His number is 100870DA

  20. Pls have not been able to check my son’s result its giving no qualification details. Registration no is 115454DH

  21. “No qualification details” is what I found after checking for my child result. How do I go about resolving this.

  22. Please, can someone assist me to check my duaghter’s result. I had gone to the school, I was asked to bring her result and write letter to back it up. Registration number is 141885HI.My number is 08057078899. God bless you. Thanks!

  23. Please, can somebody assist me to check my daugther’s result. I had gone to the school they asked me to bring her result. Reg number is 141885HI. My number is 08057078899.God bless you.

  24. Can someone assist me check my sons result as have checked in his school of first choice his name didnt appear on the list placed and on federal ministry site to check result his saying no qualification. pls can someonme help us check his result is registration NO: 134388GF

  25. I try to check my son result on the site and it say no qualification, i know my son will score high but cant seem to know his score, what type of terrible thing is this in this country after this long that they sat for the exam, how come it took this long and checking result is not seemless but errors. and have been to Kings College, my son first choice of school is name isnt there. Can someone help to check is result as he his worried now, we pay for exams no result. It is pathetic o

  26. i have checked my daughters result and it is showing no qualification. Pls assist me. Reg No 1241651C

  27. I have checked my daughter reult,she hsa been admitted to FGGC Kazaure Jigawa state,Her first and second choice is FGC Ikirun Osun state.what can i do? These are my phone numbers 07063290650 /08122690904

  28. I have checked the ncee result of my Daughter with registration number 131559BG, it showed no quantification details. kindly help me to correct the error and give admission. Thanx

  29. pls my son result shows no qualification. pls help me check. his reg no is 148196GA. pls pls help

  30. Just checked my son’s result now. You can check http;// Admitted to FSTC YABA.

    • Could you please check to confirm the status of my ward. Her Registration number is 102271JF.
      Please what is the qualified pass mark?

  31. I have checked my daughter ncee result for 2018/2019 but it is showingvl no qualification details. I don’t know what it means. pls can you check with me and let me know. I am worried I want to know if she passed or not or even if she is admitted.

  32. Hmmmmmmm.with the merit score of daughter scored 162 and she is not admitted to her 1st and 2nd choice.Qc/fstc yaba.but all d way to ikare.there’s God

  33. Its so obvious, that the education system is deep in corruption and lack competency.
    How can they claim 2018 ncee results are out and the results can be gotten from their offices nationwide….so the scratch card sold for checking one’s ward’s result online is useless for that purpose?
    How will pupils pass, when the educational institution herself are full of incompetent individuals from d head to the classrooms…… Mtcheeew
    Very soon we will hear, that monkey made away with the results.
    If some scratch cards were forged, to display “no qualification details” please…explain!!!

  34. Please have tried to check my daughter result but to no avail. Kindly help me her Registration number is 164457GI.Thanks

  35. Pls how can I check my son National Common Entrance result. Is there any special site to do that. Kindly help.His Reg. No. 127335HI

  36. I don’t actually understand what is going on with the release of the result of Nation Common Entrance Examination written since April 14, 2018.

  37. I dont know what is wrong with Nigeria system.i could not find the result of my daughter with exam no 109924CI after it has been announced the result is out.

  38. Federal ministry of education has not announced that the NCEE 2018
    result is out. I don’t know where those who claim that they have seen their children’s result saw it. From the comments above, it is obvious that the result is not out. So, let us not entertain any fear.When the result is out,we will all see it. Thanks.

  39. I checked my kids 2018 NCEE results and it shows “no qualification details”. What does it mean please

  40. i think is obvious that the results are out but with the federal ministry of education or at school of our wards first choice, and is clearly known that the results is not yet uploaded online. it was only that of 2017 that we can see online, but from a reliable source it be uploaded by next week. Lets calm down and wait, am equally waiting for my Son’s own also. Kind Regards

  41. I have tried as well for my son but same no qualifications details.
    It is quite unfortunate that corruption is the brand of Nigeria. The reason being that collect =N=1,000 before you can check it at NECO office Coker Road, Ilupeju Lagos.
    Meanwhile Federal Ministry of Education owes us duty of care to give us the result of the exams sat for

  42. Pls i have disturbed as my wards around are saying that so….i have there results while i keep telling hers is not known? Pls help check her score pls, her reg nos is 102271JF
    Concern parent-08098890209
    Many thanks always.

  43. the checker is for 2017 if we can’t check it online then give us another alternatives.
    my daughter is despaired, she wants to see her result, to know her fate..
    send it for me her registration number is:102848BD

  44. How can you check a result without the correct year being specified there. The current year is still showing 2017 so why checking?

    • I have checked the results of my son and it is showing “no qualifications details”. His registration number is 113589JB, and center number 20061.

  45. The link provided is for 2017. Please, send us link for 2018 result checker.

  46. Can any one help me with the right link cos l am sick and tired of the whole thing. Can’t wait any longer to know my pupils fate.

  47. How do I get my son’s results, I’ve been checking online and the response has been showing “no qualification details “.
    . His registration number is 142039AE .

  48. Please I really want to know when the common entrance for JSS1 result will be out. I am tired of going online every time to check on net for the result.

  49. please check my daughter result for me, registration number 139984FI,serial number 0068 and center number 22013.Thks

  50. Kindly send my son’s result to my email address . The details are :
    Registration number :169643DA and
    Center number:18007.
    Thank you.

  51. I checked my daughter’s result only no qualification detail that was on the page. Can someone help me out.

  52. I am mr oluchukwu
    I have seen my son’s result. He passed. The comment section reads: You have been shortlisted for consideration. If you want to see your child’s result, go to the school he or she selected as first choice and check the scores there

    • Please, how did you check your son’s result? Kindly provide the link or address you used, sir! Or just help me check for the result of this registration number: 115848AH. Thanks

    • please help to check my son’s result with registration number 124901AI,KINGS COLLEGE LAGOS as first choice ,THANKS

  53. All efforts to check my children ncee 2018 results is to no avail.Am worried ,is the result really out.Neck why is it taking too long.

  54. Thats the program with some Institutions in Nigeria , why would they post that the result is out and nothing to show for it , why is the result taking months before its released . All those old aunties in NECO office who know nothing other than to chew gum , chat all day on Whatsapp , facebook , Nairaland , instagram and sell materials and cosmetics in the office …. they need to be relief off their duties and recruit fresh graduates , one of the NECO office in Arab road, Kubwa , ABUJA. they even have monthly birthday celebrants. with cakes to celebrate with ……. just so annoying .

  55. Please help send my daughter’s result to my email address as I get no qualification details on your page. Details are reg no. 121975fg. Thank you.

  56. I checked my daughter’s ncee result but is showing no qualifications details. Pls assist. Her registration number is 167846IG

  57. I checked my son’s NCEE result. but it is showing no detail. Pls assist. His Reg No is 155125DB

  58. I have been trying to check my sons ncee result but all to no avail. What actually is the problem. His reg number is 173821AJ.His name is Edenwatu Ikenna D.

  59. I could not get the result of my daughter’s NCEE from your website please forward the details result to me. This is her Number Center Nos 23007 and examination number 145257FA.

  60. I checked my son’s NCEE Result 2018/2019 result,it shows no qualification details. His registration no is 152253BE

  61. My observation here is that the portal has not been updated for the 2018 result. If you check well you will see that it is still showing 2017 hence the result for 2018 cannot be displayed but giving a message that “No qualification detail found for the registration number”

  62. I check my daughter’s result for 2018/2019 ncee exams, it show No qualification
    details, please help me out. Her Registration No. 160195FA. Thanks.

  63. I checked my daughter’s ncee 2018/2019 result.It shows no qualification details.pls help published the results,her reg no is 145843DI

  64. I checked my son ncee result but is showing no qualification details please help publish the result exam no 139210FC

  65. Pis checked my daughter result is showing no qualification details hep publish the result examination no is 105649EJ Thanks

  66. please i check my daughter ncee result for 2018/2019 is showing no qualification ,please can u help me check this her registration no. 129161DC thank u.

  67. My name is Joachim iwuohs I checked my so result is showing no qualification details help me publish it his no is 104798IA

  68. Pls I checked my son result is showing no qualification details help publish the result exam no is 104798IA

  69. Please notify me when the National common Entrance examination result into National Unity School is officially released

  70. From the comments I have read above it appears the online result check is not user friendly. Please send me the results of the following candidates: 1545261C, 154584AF, 154539ED, 154533GB, 154635EG and 154520AD. They are from the examination centre 06020

  71. I checked my daughter’s result for NCEE 2018 and its showing no qualification details.this is her registration number.151685GJ

  72. Please help me check my son”s NCEE 2018/2019 result.His Reg No-141278FG. All efforts to get it through your prescribed website has failed. Please assist me.

  73. I checked my son’s NECO NCEE result for 2018/2019,it shows no qualification details.I don’t understand,pls.his registration no is 125190BE.I want to see his results, even details score.
    Thxs,concerned parent

  74. I checked my son’s common entrance exam result but is giving me no qualification detail so I don’t know if he passed or not,please update me

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