Best Scholarships in Canada for High School Students | International Students

Schooling in Canada is considered as one of the desired education destinations for many international students. Its high academic standard and quality education attract thousands of foreign students every year and for good reason.

Best Scholarships in Canada for High School Students | International Students

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But the cost of study has become a big concern for many students. In order to resolve it, here we have rounded up a selection of scholarships for overseas students. International students can get scholarship opportunities for their financial help from the government and universities.

University Scholarships 

Many universities in Canada provide some type of financial assistance for international students, so while thinking about fundings, the institution of your choice should be the first port of call.

Financial Scholarships 

Financial scholarships are based on the monetary need of the students. Most of these are available only to US residents, but some universities will provide need-based scholarships to international students.

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Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships are awarded to those students who excelled in the field of academics, athletics, or artistic merit. Top sports players in high school or outshined in the field of entrepreneurial or community can gain this opportunity.

Country-based Scholarships 

These scholarships are specifically aimed at students from developing countries.

Government-funded Scholarships 

The Government of Canada offers a number of scholarship programs for foreign students, some of which are listed below.

Privately funded Scholarships 

Private businesses or donors will fund scholarships for international students. These are more likely to be targeted at developing countries and minority groups, or in specific fields of study.

Part Scholarships

These can range from small one-off payment students can use towards their fees or a larger payment that is staggered to cover certain costs of going to university.

Government Scholarships

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

These were created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students. The scholarship is worth CAD$50,000 (£31,000) per year for three years and can be used towards a doctoral degree or combined masters and Ph.D.
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best university scholarships in canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

These are offered to international students doing postgraduate study in natural and social sciences or health sciences.
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IDRC Doctoral Research Awards

These are for students from developing countries that are already studying at a university in Canada.
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NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

There are a number of Canadian government scholarships for students choosing to study in natural sciences or engineering.
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University Scholarships in Canada

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

These scholarships at the University of Toronto aim to recognize international students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. The scholarship will cover tuition, books, incidental fees and full residence support for four years.

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Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

Humber College offers renewable full and partial tuition scholarships to new international students.
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York University International Student Scholarship Programme

These scholarships are worth CAD$60,000-$100,000 for a four-year degree programme for international students who have displayed academic excellence.
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University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

The university dedicates more than $10 million annually towards awards, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for international undergraduate students.
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Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Carleton University offers partial scholarships worth $4,000 – $16,000 to students who meet the admission average criteria of 80 percent and above.
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University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

These awards are open to students of any nationality who have applied to be full-time graduate students at the University of Manitoba. They are valued at $18,000 for PhD students or $14,000 for master’s students.
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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

These are open to foreign students applying to a doctoral program in the social sciences and humanities. The annual value is up to $60,000 per scholar for a maximum of three years.
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University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence

The master’s of excellence awards are open to international master’s students starting a research-based graduate program. Students will receive $2,500 per term for a maximum of five months.
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University of Calgary Graduate Awards

There are a number of funding opportunities for international students of up to $40,000.
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University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarships

Scholarships are given to international students from undergraduate level up to PhD. The award is a partial tuition fee waiver of $3,500.
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