Best Top Colleges/University Rank In California – 2019

According to Forbes and US NEWS, we have compiled list of Best Top Colleges/University Rank In California – 2019 Best Top Colleges/University Rank In California - 2019

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Best Colleges in California according to US NEWS

Being said California which is The land of amazing weather, beautiful beaches… and a quality education. With an acceptance rate of only 5 percent, The Golden State’s Stanford University stands out as the top college in the nation for 2016, according to Forbes’ latest rankings, out this week. “The university has produced an impressive number of leaders in government, including U.S. president Herbert Hoover and four U.S. Supreme Court justices, as well as entrepreneurs and billionaires: among them Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Steve Ballmer, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, and SnapChat cofounders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy,” Forbes writes of the university. “The university has seven schools and is renowned for its STEM, business and law programs.” you can also check out Good SAT Scores For Colleges and Universities Requirements and Full Guild This sort of education doesn’t come cheap, though. An average year at Stanford will cost you $64,477. In the southern portion of the state, Pomona College in Claremont was ranked number 7 in the nation. The admittance rate is a little higher there, at 12 percent, and the total cost is $64870.Besides Stanford, ten additional California schools made the top 100 in Forbes’ 2016 college rankings. A total of 55 fell within the entire list, which included 660 schools nationwide.The rankings put an emphasis on return on investment and include both public and private institutions, according to Forbes.

California state university rankings with their national ranking in parentheses:

  1. Stanford University (1)
  2. Pomona College (7)
  3. Claremont McKenna College (31)
  4. California Institute of Technology (39)
  5. University of California, Berkeley (40)
  6. University of California, Los Angeles (46)
  7. Harvey Mudd College (59)
  8. University of Southern California (65)
  9. Scripps College (83)
  10. Santa Clara University (88)
  11. Occidental College (99)
  12. University of California, Santa Barbara (114)
  13. University of California, San Diego (117)
  14. Pitzer College (123)
  15. University of California, Davis (125)
  16. Pepperdine University (130)
  17. Loyola Marymount University (150)
  18. Westmont College (158)
  19. University of California, Irvine (162)
  20. California Polytechnic State University,
  21. San Luis Obispo (167)
  22. University of Redlands (194)
  23. University of California, Santa Cruz (200)
  24. University of San Diego (211)
  25. University of San Francisco (231)
  26. Saint Mary’s College of California (232)
  27. San Diego State University (242)
  28. Thomas Aquinas College (251)
  29. University of California, Riverside (269)
  30. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (301)
  31. California State University, Long Beach (309)
  32. San Jose State University (315)
  33. University of the Pacific (CA) (316)
  34. Chapman University (319)
  35. California Lutheran University (334)
  36. Whittier College (344)
  37. California State University, Fullerton (351)
  38. Biola University (359)
  39. Master’s College and Seminary (361)
  40. California State University, Los Angeles (373)
  41. San Francisco State University (374)
  42. Mills College (376)
  43. California State University, Chico (384)
  44. Azusa Pacific University (391)
  45. California State University, Fresno (396)
  46. Mount Saint Mary’s University (CA) (421)
  47. California State University, Sacramento (429)
  48. California State University, San Bernardino (433)
  49. Sonoma State University (443)
  50. California State University, Northridge (459)
  51. University of La Verne (463)
  52. California State University, East Bay (465)
  53. California State University, Stanislaus (475)
  54. California State University Maritime Academy (516)
  55. Humboldt State University (538)
  56. Vanguard University (591)
Forbes Made used data from the Department of Education, along with and the America’s Leaders List to compile the rankings on the top 660 schools. They rated each school on post-graduate success, student debt, student satisfaction, graduation rate and academic success.

Best Top Colleges/University Rank In California – 2019

The top 10 schools nationwide were:
  1. Stanford University
  2. Williams College
  3. Princeton University
  4. Harvard University
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  6. Yale University
  7. Pomona College
  8. Brown University
  9. Wesleyan University
  10. Swarthmore College

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