UNN Sandwich Degree Admission Form 2023

University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) invites applications for its 2023 Sandwich Degree Programmes. Available in Nsukka, Owerri, and Nsugbe, these programmes offer a variety of courses in Education, Vocational & Technical Education, and other degree programmes. With flexible 4-year and 5-year options, UNN’s Sandwich Degree Programmes are perfect for aspiring educators seeking career advancement. Scroll down to read in details.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is inviting applications from qualified candidates for admission into its Sandwich Degree Programmes. These programmes are offered in partnership with Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, and Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe. The courses available are designed to cater to the needs of aspiring educators, administrators, and specialists in various fields.

UNN Sandwich Degree Courses

UNN offers a wide range of Sandwich Degree Courses spanning 5 years and 4 years respectively. These courses include B.Ed., B.A. (Ed.), B.Sc. (Ed.), B.Lis (Ed.), vocational and technical education, and other degree programmes.

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Programme Type Course Campus Locations
Sandwich Degree Courses (5 Years and 4 Years)
B.Ed. Adult Education/Administration Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Adult Education/Comm. Development Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Adult Education/Literacy Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Special Ed/Economics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Special Ed/Igbo Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Special Ed/History Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Special Ed/English Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Special Ed/Social Studies Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Primary Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Ed. Early Childhood Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/English Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/Creative Arts Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/French Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/Music Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/History Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/Igbo/Linguistics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/Religion Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.A. (Ed.) Education/Fine and Applied Arts Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Political Science Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Biology Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Chemistry Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Mathematics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Physics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Geography Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Economics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Statistics Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Social Studies Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Integrated Science Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Physical Educ. & Recreation Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Health Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Lis (Ed.) Library and Information Science Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
Vocational and Technical Education
B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer and Robotics Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
B.Sc. (Ed.) Industrial Technical Education Nsukka, Owerri, Nsugbe
Other Degree Programmes
Combined B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science/Statistics Nsukka
B.Sc. Public Administration & Local Government Nsukka
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UNN Sandwich Degree Programmes Entry Requirements

  • The 4-Year Sandwich Degree Programme is open to candidates with a minimum of Merit in NCE from a recognized institution or a minimum of Merit in National Diploma. Applicants must also possess a minimum of five credit level passes at the O’ level, including Mathematics and English Language.
  • The 5-Year Sandwich Degree Programme is designed for candidates with a pass in NCE and five credit level passes in O’ Level or its equivalent. Alternatively, applicants must have five credit level passes in SSCE O’ Level, including Mathematics and English.

How to Apply for UNN Sandwich Degree Admission Form

All applicants interested in the programs mentioned above must apply through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) State Office and select the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as their top choice institution. This will enable JAMB to collect candidate information, assign registration numbers, and make them available in JAMB CAPS for the university to access and download their lists.

After registering with JAMB, applicants should visit the University of Nigeria’s website, www.unn.edu.ng, to create a “Sandwich Registration Invoice.” They should then proceed to any commercial bank to pay the processing fee of ₦5,000.00 for the 4-year program or ₦10,000.00 for the 5-year program. This fee should be paid to the university’s account via the Remita platform.

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Once the payment is complete, applicants should return to the University of Nigeria’s website, click on “Sandwich Registration,” and fill out the online Verification Form. Afterward, they should print the completed Registration Form and submit it along with their academic credentials to the Sandwich and Evening Programmes Unit Office within the Registrar’s Department.

Please note that candidates applying for the 5-Year Degree Programme must take an aptitude test at the university.

Disclaimer: Applicants who make payments to individuals, other accounts, or through other methods outside of the aforementioned process do so at their own risk.


The 2023 JAMB Sandwich forms are now available for purchase. Candidates are not required to take the JAMB Examination. For further inquiries, please visit the Institute of Education, University of Nigeria, and the Sandwich and Evening Programmes Unit Office within the Registrar’s Department


The University of Nigeria, Nsukka offers a comprehensive range of Sandwich Degree Programmes to help students advance their careers in education and other fields. Apply now to secure your place in the 2023 academic session and embark on a fulfilling journey in academia.

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