WAEC EXPO: PHYSICS PRACTICAL Questions & Answers 2021/2022

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WAEC GCE Complete Timetable 2020/2021 For January/February (First Series Exam)

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WAEC PHYSICS PRACTICAL Obj and Theory/Essay 2021/2022 Free Questions & Answers Posted Online

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In a tabular form
Under y(cm)
20.0, 30.0, 40.0, 50.0, 60.0
Under t(s)
36.61, 33.66, 31.32, 28.62, 25.93
Under T = t/20(s)
1.8305, 1.6830, 1.5660, 1.4310, 1.2965
Under T²(s²)
3.3507, 2.8325, 2.4524, 2.0478, 1.6809
Slope s = ΔT²/Δy
S = 4 – 2.5/0 – 39
S = 1.5/-39
S = -0.0385
Intercept, C = 4.0
SR = c
R = c/s = 4/-0.0385 = -103.9
(i) I ensured that the retort stand was well clamped.
(ii) I avoided error due to parallax when reading the metre rule.
E.m.f, E = 3.00v
In a tabular form
Under R(ohms)
2.0, 5.0, 10.0, 12.0, 15.0, 20.0
Under V(v)
0.86, 0.62, 0.43, 0.38, 0.32, 0.25
Under V-¹(v-¹)
1.1628, 1.6129, 2.3256, 2.6316, 3.1250, 4.0000
Slope s = ΔR/Δv-¹
=17.5 – 4.25/3.5 – 1.5
Intercept, C = -5.75
S = Roα
6.625 = 0.85(α)
α = 6.625/0.85 = 7.79
C = -(Ro + β)
= -5.75 = -(0.85 + β)
β = 5.75 – 0.85
β = 4.9
(i) I ensured tight connections.
(ii) I avoided error due to parallax when reading the voltmeter.
Vab = 12 – 8 = 4v
Rab = 4×5/4+5 = 20/9ohms
Iab = Vab/Rab = 4/20/9 = 4 ×9/20 = 9/5
Power = I²ab Rab
=1.8² * 20/9
= 7.2watts
Current in line = power/voltage = 3600/240
Circuit breaker remain closed because current in line is less than 20A…

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