WhatsApp introduces video calling

of recent i started receiving invite from people to activate whatsapp video calling and i was surprise, because am usually the one that inform my friends on everything gadgetry seriously when ever we meet to hang there’s a whole section where they ask so what next in the world of gadgetry and i didnt know when whatsapp
video calling was finally released, so i started searching cos although i know Facebook has been promising to add video calling to WhatsApp for a long time and from the pair of leaked screenshots it looks like it will be a reality soon and this are my findings.

After voice calling, people started asking what next and FACEBOOK answered video calling

 this got Whatsapp users very excited. now According to several website, the screenshots are from version of the app, which is now being tested internally. The new update is rumored to have another interesting feature, multi-tab user interface, which would give WhatsApp an edge over other messaging applications, such as Viber and Hangouts. Multiple chat tabs will be available in this new feature so that the users can quickly change between individual chats. The brand has established its presence as a major force in the markets, and with over 900million monthly active users and an ad-free platform, it has won many hearts

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and the answer to your question is no whatsapp video calling is not yet available 

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