NECO EXPO Biology Practical Specimen Questions/Answers 2021/2022

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NECO Biology Practical Per Subject

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2021/2022 NECO Biology Specimen for Practical

Specimen A – Elephant Grass.
Specimen B- Grasshopper
Specimen C- Lizard.
Specimen D – Housefly.
Specimen B – Insecta
Specimen C – Reptilia in the sub-phylum vertebrata.
Specimen D
Houseflies serve as intermediate hosts for several parasitic worms Eg Round worms in their developmental stage.
Specimen B:
(i) Has fore and hind wing for flight.
(ii) Has cuticle to minimize loss of water.
(iii) Has antenna for feeling.
Specimen C:
(i) limbs are developed for movement on land.
(ii) dry scaly skin to protect it from drying up.
(iii) its digits end in claws for grasping and climbing
A (Elephant grass) -> B (grasshopper) -> C (Lizard)
Specimen E – Termite
Specimen F – Spider
In a tabular form:
Under E
1. Possession of six walking legs.
2. Possession of three body segments.
3. Possession of thorax.
4. Absence of hairy body.
Under F:
1. Possession of eight walking legs
2. Possession of two body segments.
3. Absence of thorax.
4. Possession of hairy body.

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